Neapolitan Tailoring comes to Nashville

I love Nashville.  Great food, mild winters, good people, and always somewhere to go.  Unfortunately, finding a GOOD tailor in nashville is near to impossible.  Luckily for me and my bank account, i can typically get a good fit off the rack in most brands and with very minimal nips and tucks it can be pretty spot on.  But there comes a time in everyone’s sartorial journey that OTR just won’t cut it.  Its time to go bespoke.  For me, that wasn’t ever going to be an easy option…my only choice was a flight to NYC.  My how times have changed.  This year Nashville welcomed a new resident..Herrie’s Clothing.  


Herrie came to Nashville after training and working under Savile Row tailor Thom Sweeney as a cutter.  We visited Herrie’s workshop in Nashville and spent some time chatting and eyeballing her goods.  She offers both Made to Measure and full Bespoke services.  Made to measure offers a great introduction to custom clothing while keeping cost less than bespoke and getting the fit and exact cut that you can’t get off the rack.  The MTM is finished and assembled in the USA.  I was able to handle a few MTM pieces she had in the shop…amazing attention to detail and the construction was top notch.  


This being my first time with a true tailor with such experience, the discussion quickly turned to the bespoke process.  This is where Herrie really shines.  With her experience as a cutter under Thom Sweeney, she is highly skilled in getting exactly what you want out of a suit.  Lets face it.  None of us are built perfect.  Droopy shoulder, one arm longer than the other, poor posture, chicken chest with a beer gut etc.  Through the bespoke process herrie can draft a suit pattern to account for all of this, and the end result will make you look better than you thought possible.  Once the pattern is drafted and fabrics are chosen, the suit is sent to Naples Italy to be hand finished by craftsmen with decades and generations of experience in Neapolitan Tailoring.  


While chatting with Herrie and Kyle, discussing my preferences and how i typically dressed, Kyle would pull fabric swatches from one of the dozens of fabric books they have scattered around.  My head spun as Kyle found half a dozen amazing fabrics in the exact shade of dove grey that i wanted in different weights for summer, fall, and year round.  I felt like a kid in a candy store.  While browsing through fabric books, I stumbled on the book pictured above….42 choices of GORGEOUS casentino wools.  Seeing my interest, she showed me a bolt of hunter green casentino she had gotten in for an overcoat commission she was starting to work on.  Whoever gets that coat is gonna be a happy camper….i was blown away how much i loved that wool.  So much character!

If anyone is in the Nashville area and thinking about stepping up your game, you REALLY need to visit Herrie.  We’re really lucky to have such a talent so close to us.  She can offer pretty much anything you need…shirts, trousers (please make sure to consider the single pleat) sport coats, suits, and overcoats…as well as socks and ties.  Spend a little time and a little money to look a lot better.  

visit her or schedule an appointment at

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